Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bite

Is it done?
As with all cooking and eating, the ideal point of doneness is always a matter of personal taste. As a general, pasta is perfectly cooked when it is tender but still retains some resistance - meaning you should still feel its texture when you bite into it.
Al dente literally translates as "to the tooth", but "to the bite" is probably a more useful description.
pasta will still have a chalky core a slight taste of raw flour.
Overcooked ?
The pasta will have lost all its springy and chewy qualities.

Cooking Fresh Pasta
Uncooked fresh pasta is heavier because it contains more moisture than dried. Allow about 4oz (125g) for a first course serving, 5 oz (150g) for a main course serving.
Don't skimp on the cooking water. The right proportion of water to pasta is even more critical in the case of fresh.
Fresh pasta cooks in very little time, so make sure that the sauce is ready and the bowl warm before you slide the pasta into the water. Once the water returns to the boil, begin testing for doneness after 1 minute.

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