Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long Pasta - Strands & Ribbons

Long and thin dried pasta ribbons and strands should be dressed with light, oil-based sauces which allow the strands to remain separate and slippery. Strands and ribbons that are thicker, such as bucatini or tagliatelle, are best when paired with sauces based on cream, cheese, and eggs, or with sauces based on meat. Dried egg pasta ribbons, such as fettuccine and pappardelle, also pair well with these same types of sauces. A good guideline tor matching long pasta to sauce is whether the sauce ingredients will cling to the pasta when it is twirled on a fork.
1. Pappardelle - Broad egg ribbons
2. Tagliolini - Very thin egg ribbon
3. Fettuccine - Thin egg ribbons
4. Tagliatelle - Medium egg ribbons
5. Bucatini - Thick hollow strands
6. Linguine - "Little Tongues" - Thin ribbons.
7. Spaghetti™ - "Little Spaghetti"
8. Spaghetti - Thin strands
9. Capellini - "Angel's Hair" - Very fine strands

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