Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Toss

the toss
Speed is essential when saucing, tossing, and serving pasta. Have everything you need on hand. Make sure your family or guests are gathered at the table and ready to eat.
• Don't delay! Sauce the pasta as soon as it has been drained. Pasta should never be allowed to sit in the colander without any sauce. Always have the sauce hot, ready, and waiting.
• Sauce the pasta in a warmed serving bowl or in the still-warm pasta cooking pot. Even better is to add the pasta straight to the sauce in the skillet. Tossing everything together in the skillet in which the sauce was cooked provides a warm surface to ensure the pasta blends perfectly with the sauce.
Use two large forks, or a large fork and a spoon, to toss the pasta.Mix well, until every strand or piece of pasta is lightly evenly coated with the sauce. If the pasta seems dry, drizzle in a little of the reserved pasta cooking water. The starch in the water helps the sauce to cling to the pasta and to coat every surface as uniformly as possible.
Don't oversauce. The sauce should moisten, not drown, the It is not only the sauce that gives flavor to a pasta dish.
The pasta has a taste and character of its own. You want the taste of the pasta as well as the sauce to come through.
Pasta cools quickly, so have warmed serving dishes ready.Place an oven-proof serving bowl or individual dishes in a 250°F(120°C) oven to warm through while you cook the pasta. Or, just before serving, place in the sink and pour hot water.

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