Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Which Pasta?

What is Good Pasta?
There is only one important rule to remember when buying pasta. Good ingredients are essential tor good pasta.
• Choose pasta made from one hundred per cent durum wheat. Always check that the packet reads either pasta di acnwla di grano duro or durum wheat pasta. Durum wheat is a hard wheat grain - in fact the hardest wheat grown. Pasta made with durum wheat will maintain its shape, texture, and flavor while cooking in rapidly boiling water.
• Choose pasta made in Italy wherever possible. In Italy, both the composition and the manufacture of dried pasta are tightly controlled by law. Pasta produced in other countries can be made from ordinary soft wheat flours or from blends with durum wheat When cooked, pasta made from inferior types.of Hour will have a limp, sometimes gluey, texture as well as a tendency to overcook.

Plain or Egg?
Dried pasta divides into two types: pale yellow plain pasta made with durum wheat and water, and golden egg pasta made with durum wheat and wholes eggs.Egg pasta has a smoother, silkier texture: plain has a firm, chewy bite. Neither is superior to the other - they are simply different. In Italy,it is the sauce that determines the choice between dried plain pasta and dried egg pasta. Oil-based sauces are usually served with plain pasta and butter-based and cream-based sauces with egg pasta.
Fresh or Dry?
We still come across the widespread misconception that fresher is better. This is not so.Truly fresh pasta that is worth buying is made with good quality flour  and real eggs and no other additives. Finding this can present a challenge. We will always choose quality boxed dried pasta imported from Italy over a pre-packaged fresh pasta from the supermarket.
Homemade fresh egg pasta is another story.The finest fresh pasta is always made at home, using the best ingredients.For your enthusiasm I will tell you in my upcoming posts how to make a fresh egg homemade pasta.

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