Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pasta In The Kitchen

The key to making perfect pasta is to start with the right pot. When cooking 1lb (500g) dried pasta, the pot should hold about 5 quarts (5 litres) of water to give the pasta plenty ot room to move around.
A pot made of an inexpensive, lightweight metal like aluminum is ideal, since it conducts heat evenly and is easy to lift when full ot boiling water. A stockpot will also make a good pasta pot, as it is usually taller than it is wide and has two sturdy handles for lifting.

1. Tall, narrow, lightweight pasta pot with a lid.
2. Long handled wooden spoon for stirring pasta. 
3. Large colander with feet. 
4. Large skillet for quick cook sauces. 
5. Heavy-based pot with a lid for slow cook sauces.

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