Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten Commandments For Pasta

Pasta is everyday food, yet any Italian knows that the cooking and serving of it calls for care and attention. Remember these ten golden rules for perfectly cooked pasta every time.
• Buy good quality Italian pasta. Use a large pot full of water.
• Salt the water with a generous hand.
• Boil the water and keep it boiling.
• Stir the pasta often - it will stick if you don't!
• Start timing when the water returns to the boil.
• Don't wander often! As they say in Italy, gllspaghetti amano la compagnla - spaghetti loves company.
• Drain immediately, but not too thoroughly.
• Have the sauce and a warmed bowl ready.
• Eat up! The only time people stop talking in Italy is when a bowl of pasta is placed on the table.

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